Pastor Gerald Waddis and First Lady Dorcas

When he first heard the call to enter into ministry, Pastor Gerald Waddis’ first instinct was to run. Guided by fear, he did his best to avoid “church people” and suffered through years of turmoil and depression. In the midst of this struggle, he would become reconnected with a former classmate at his 10-year high school reunion who would encourage him to attend church. Soon after, He began visiting a church in Carson, California, and found himself walking down the aisle to an alter, surrendering to the call to become a member of Central Baptist Church. That former high school classmate would soon become his wife and partner in ministry as they lead the church’s couples’ ministry as well as workshops for Financial Peace University. After years of service as a deacon, ministry leader and minister, Pastor Gerald Waddis would come face to face with the same call that he had ran from years before. In 2015, Pastor Gerald Waddis became the head pastor of Central Baptist Church with the God given vision to win souls to Christ, love them in Christ, and build disciples for Christ.First Lady Dorcas Waddis never thought that her husband would one day lead the church that she had watched her father pastor since she was a child. Having truly made her faith her own after high school, she has used her gifts over the years to minister through Children’s ministry, women’s ministry and Zumba. Now, with 26 years of marriage, five daughters, and nine grandchildren in tow, Pastor Gerald Waddis and First Lady Dorcas Waddis wish to continue the ministry of Central Baptist Church with love, encouragement and discipleship.

Pastor Waddis holds a Bachelor of General Ministries and a Master of Biblical Counseling from West Coast Bible College and Seminary.